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Antimicrobial resistance is a global problem that affects humans, animals, agriculture and the environment.

StAR Strategy

StAR – Strategy on Antibiotic Resistance

Together with the international community, Switzerland is challenged to prevent the emergence of new resistances and to limit their transmission and spread.

This is the goal of the SwissStrategy on Antibiotic Resistance (StAR), which is implemented by the four federal agencies FOPH, FOAG, FOAG and FOEN in collaboration with stakeholders. This One Health approach is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Currently, the One Health Action Plan 2024-27 of the Strategy Antibiotic Resistance Switzerland (StAR) is being developed with various partners and stakeholders from research, politics and industry.

The action plan will set new impulses. The aim is to effectively combat the «silent pandemic» of antimicrobial resistance. Required for this is the consistent implementation of the One Health approach.

In focus

Anne Lévy

The silent pandemic of antibiotic resistance – Opening address by Anne Lévy, FOPH Director

Opening address by Anne Lévy, FOPH Director, at the Stakeholder Workshop on the One Health Action Plan 2024-27 under the Strategy on Antibiotic Resistance (StAR), BAG Campus Liebefeld, 16 June 2023


Symposium Emerging Antibiotic Resistance 2023

On 21 September 2023, the National Reference Centre for the Early Detection and Monitoring of Antibiotic Resistance (NARA) will host the "Symposium on Emerging Antibiotic Resistance". The symposium is aimed at laboratory specialists and practitioners and will give the participants deeper insights into the latest developments in new diagnostics and antibiotics. You will
find further information and details on how to register on the symposium

Swiss Antibiotic Resistance Report

The Swiss Antibiotic Resistance Report (SARR) is the national report on the antibiotic resistance situation in Switzerland. It is published every two years.

Humans, animals, agriculture and the environment.

The FOPH provides trustworthy specialist information and so enhances the knowledge of patients, doctors and pharmacists, thereby enabling them to assume their responsibility in handling antibiotics.

Through its work, the FSVO establishes a framework to keep animals healthy and reduce the need for antibiotics. In applying this guiding principle, antibiotic resistance and disease among animals can be prevented.

Farmers and veterinarians are encouraged to promote animal health through disease prevention. The FOAG helps them to assume their responsibility and contribute to maintaining the effectiveness of antibiotics under the holistic One Health principle.

The FOEN supports the expansion of wastewater treatment plants so that concentrations of antibiotics and other micropollutants in our water can be significantly reduced. Research on antibiotic resistance in the water cycle also plays an important role.

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