WAAW 2022

The eighth World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW), organised by the Quadripartite bodies – the World Health Organization (WHO), World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH), UN Environment Programme (UNEP), and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) – was celebrated from 18 to 24 November 2022. The aim was to raise awareness of antimicrobial resistance among the public, professionals and policymakers worldwide, focusing on the issue of growing antimicrobial resistance. True to the theme of “Preventing antimicrobial resistance together”, Switzerland was also actively involved in WAAW 2022. Presented here are some of the highlights of Switzerland’s WAAW 2022.

Valuable contributions from stakeholders

During World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2022, a wide variety of stakeholders around the world sought to focus attention on the topics of antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance, raising awareness among the public and at individual institutions. The stakeholders’ activities during WAAW 2022 provided valuable contributions towards curbing antimicrobial resistance and generated numerous media reports. In Switzerland, for example, coverage focused on the risks of growing antibiotic resistance at the global level, the situation in this country, and the decline in the use of antibiotics in both human and veterinary medicine.

Publication of the Swiss Antibiotic Resistance Report 2022

On 10 November, the Swiss Antibiotic Resistance Report 2022 was presented at an online media event for professionals. The report, published every two years, includes comprehensive data on the use of antibacterials and antimicrobials, and on resistance levels observed in Switzerland, not only in human and veterinary medicine but also in the environmental sector. More information on the SARR 2022 can be found on the StAR website.

National Research Programme NRP 72

The National Research Programme on “Antimicrobial Resistance” (NRP 72) was launched in 2015 and concluded in January 2023. Altogether, 33 research projects were supported, with the results contributing to the implementation of the Strategy on Antibiotic Resistance through the One Health approach.

The findings of NRP 72 show how the spread of resistance can be more effectively monitored and controlled, and how antibiotic use can be optimised. In addition, new techniques were developed to improve the treatment of infections with antibiotic-resistant pathogens. During WAAW 2022, the findings and recommendations of NRP 72, summarised in the final report, were presented at an Impulse conference.

More details are available in an interview with the NRP 72 Steering Committee President, Joachim Frey, emeritus professor at the Institute of Veterinary Bacteriology at Bern University’s Vetsuisse Faculty.

Interview with Joachim Frey (Video)


Presented here are a selection of impressions from various events held in Switzerland in connection with WAAW 2022.

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