Best practices charter in the veterinary medicine

The Fribourg Veterinarians Association and the Food Safety and Veterinary Office of the Canton of Fribourg have adopted a best “practices charter” in which veterinarians subscribe to guidelines which respect the aims defined in StAR on the appropriate use of antibiotics.  

With the support of the Cantonal Chief Veterinarian, the defined best practices will be respected and implemented. The charter was presented to the media at a press briefing on 28 May 2018. The event took place on a dairy farm and was attended by all interested groups. The president of the Fribourg veterinarians, a representative from the FSVO, the Cantonal Chief Veterinarian, a registered vet, a herd veterinarian and a livestock owner had the opportunity to express their views on efforts to combat antibiotic resistance and livestock medicine. The event highlighted the need for all actors to work together to combat antibiotic resistance.

Last modification 11.09.2023

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