Researchers exchange ideas and experiences

At the annual programme meeting of the ‘Antimicrobial Resistance’ National Research Programme (NRP 72), researchers and representatives of the Strategy on Antibiotic Resistance (StAR) came together to exchange ideas and experiences. The main focus of their discussions were the initial results of the 40 or so projects underway.

Focus is to be put on fostering links between the research community and the public. This is in the interests of the StAR strategy, as the practical implementation and skilful use of research results will help to achieve the programme’s goals. In order to involve as many people in the discussion as possible, representatives of all federal offices involved in StAR took part in the event. Many researchers used the opportunity for personal networking. Needs, implementation potential and possible solutions were discussed in plenary discussions. Close coordination between NRP 72 and StAR and appropriate and effective communication will be central features of their continuing cooperation.

Last modification 11.09.2023

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