Information on the use of antibiotics

The Strategy on Antibiotic Resistance Switzerland (StAR) is designed to improve patients’ health literacy when it comes to the appropriate use of antibiotics. In support of this aim, pharmaSuisse Swiss Pharmacists Association, the Association of Swiss doctors
FMH and the Federal Office of Public Health have joined forces with additional partners to develop various information media.

Since November 2017, for example, a fact sheet has been available containing information and recommendations around the use of antibiotics, including explanations of why certain infections don’t require their use. The free fact sheet can be ordered in four languages (English, German, French and Italian) via the website. From March 2018 the website will include a video with an easy-to-understand presentation of the information contained in the fact sheet. The website also contains links to further information from the partner organisations. An additional resource is available in the form of an A2 poster (double-sided with French on one side and German on the other) which can be hung, for example, in doctors’ waiting rooms.

Last modification 11.09.2023

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