Federal authorities launch a campaign to promote appropriate use of antibiotics

Maintaining (the effectiveness of antibiotics for humans and animals, and combating resistance – these are the two main objectives of the national Strategy on Antibiotic Resistance (StAR). With a public information campaign, the federal authorities aim to further raise awareness of the importance of using antibiotics correctly. The campaign – expected to run for four years – is being launched across Switzerland with TV ads, posters, online advertising and a campaign website (www.use-wisely-take-precisely.ch).

Publication of the Swiss Antibiotic Resistance Report 2018

The Swiss Antibiotic Resistance Report (PDF, 8 MB, 29.09.2020), covering a two-year period, shows that antibiotic consumption for the population as a whole has decreased slightly compared to the previous reporting period.

Publication of the StAR Report 2018

In the third annual report (PDF, 4 MB, 07.11.2018), highlights from the implementation of StAR  will be presented. In short reports, the status of the implementation of the strategy will be shown and actors will have their say presenting their views on the implementation.

World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2018

This year, to focus the attention of professionals and the public on the risks of growing bacterial resistance and the importance of careful use, another World Antibiotic Awareness Week is being held by the World Health Organization (12–18 November); in Switzerland, various stakeholders are organising panel discussions, training events, guided tours or booth activities (PDF, 316 kB, 13.11.2018) (list available in German, French and Italian).

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