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Campaign to return unused antibiotics

15.11.2019 - What should you do with antibiotics you no longer need? If you use them inappropriately later on, give them to someone else or don’t dispose of them correctly, resistance to antibiotics can build up and they can even become ineffective. For this reason, 18 November sees the launch of a national campaign encouraging people to return unused antibiotics.

Initial success in the fight against mastitis

15.11.2019 - In Canton Ticino, a pilot project is underway to eradicate Staphylococcus aureus genotype B, a pathogen that causes contagious udder infections in cows. The project aims to lower the number of infected udders, decrease antibiotic use, improve milk quality and reduce veterinary costs. A year and a half later, the results look promising. Learn more about the project in the video.

International ministerial conference: Joining forces to combat antimicrobial resistance

15.11.2019 - Antibiotic resistance is a global problem: all over the world, more and more bacteria are becoming resistant, and an increasing number of people are dying from infections it used to be possible to treat. International cooperation has to be stepped up to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics in the long term. With this goal, more than 200 representatives from over 40 nations met for the 2nd Ministerial Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance in the Netherlands.

Water treatment: new solutions for hospital wastewater

15.11.2019 - Whenever the sewer system is overloaded after heavy rain, part of the wastewater gets into our rivers, streams and lakes unpurified – and with it antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This is particularly unwelcome when it comes to hospital wastewater. Now the interplay between wastewater treatment installations and the sewer system is to be optimised.

Fewer infections after surgery

15.11.2019 - Wound infections are complications that can occur following an operation, and delay healing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Many of them can be avoided with preventive measures. Swissnoso, the National Centre for Infection Control, has developed a suite of practical measures. Since 2018 the SSI Intervention preventive module has been available to all Swiss hospitals.

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