Fields of activity

Here you can read about the eight fields of activity of the StAR Strategy

Field of activity Monitoring

A good and comprehensive set of data creates the foundation which allows measures to be implemented in a targeted manner.

Field of activity Prevention

Preventive measures promote the health of humans and animals in such a way that the use of antibiotics, and thus the development of resistance, can be reduced.

Field of activity Appropriate use of antibiotics

Antibiotics must be used appropriately to prevent the development of resistance.

Field of activity Resistance control

When resistant organisms develop, these must be rapidly identified and their transmission and spread minimised.

Field of activity Research and development

Interdisciplinary research and development focusing on the creation, transmission, spread and combating of resistant bacteria is being intensified.

Field of activity Cooperation

Cross-sector cooperation will be actively promoted and improved to successfully combat problems.

Field of activity Information and education

Knowledge of antibiotic resistance will be improved among experts and the general public so that more responsible decisions are taken and resistance levels fall.

Field of activity General conditions

The general conditions will be checked and framed in such a way as to ensure that effective antibiotics continue to be available and that they will be used responsibly.

Last modification 21.09.2023

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