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Research and development

Interdisciplinary research and development focusing on the creation, transmission, spread and combating of resistant bacteria is being intensified.

Understanding the causes of and links between resistance development provides the foundation for effective measures. Using targeted and interdisciplinary research, gaps in our understanding will be closed. New insights provide the basis for product  developments, for example in diagnostics or in the area of antimicrobial substances.

The requirements in terms of research and development are being tackled by the National Research Programme 72 (Nationales
Forschungsprogramm 72, NFP 72), "Antimicrobial Resistance". This was launched by the Federal Council in 2015. 20 million francs are available for research projects.

The measures in this field of activity are as follows:

Create an interdisciplinary platform for research into antibiotic resistance and define key research areas:
A platform will be created that will give an up-to-date overview of ongoing research projects and allow key research areas to be defined.

Create basic principles concerning the entry of antibiotics into farmyard manure, soil and water and their persistence and activity:
A feasibility study will be conducted to establish the basic principles for the long-term monitoring of antibiotics and resistance in farmyard manure, soil and water.

Promote new diagnostic methods:
Research into new, cost-effective diagnostic methods for distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections and for the rapid detection of antibiotic resistance will be promoted.

Determine the significance of the cross-border movement of people, animals and goods to the resistance situation in Switzerland: The extent to which resistance is imported and exported will be investigated, for example through medical services abroad, tourism, animals treated with antibiotics and food contaminated with resistant organisms.

You can find information on the implementation of these measures here:

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