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Knowledge of antibiotic resistance will be improved among experts and general public so that more responsible decisions are taken and resistance levels fall.

An important part is also played by the population. Information at every level is intended to raise awareness among the general public to help people take individual responsibility for their use of antibiotics. With regard to specialists, the task is to increase their specific knowledge of resistant organisms, preventive measures, diagnostics and the appropriate use of antibiotics.

The measures in this field of activity are as follows:

Inform the general public about the issue of antibiotic resistance and ways in which it can be prevented:
More information will be provided to the general public about the development of antibiotic resistance, where antibiotics should and should not be used, and ways in which resistance can be prevented.

Raise awareness among stakeholders affected:
Information will be tailored to specific target groups, and the specific requirements and needs of individual stakeholders will be taken into account.

Enhance the basic and further training of doctors, veterinarians and animal owners:
Training plans will be devised for professions affected in order to increase understanding of antibiotic resistance, diagnosis, reventive measures and appropriate use of antibiotics.

You can find information on the implementation of these measures here:

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