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Cross-sector cooperation will be actively promoted and improved to successfully combat problems.

Successfully combating the problem of resistance requires cooperation. Interdisciplinary and cross-sector coordination is therefore vital. In order to implement the strategy, is it vital that the responsible authorities, the cantons and stakeholders cooperate.  International networking and the exchange of information will also be further promoted.

The measures in this field of activity are as follows:

Create a cross-sector coordination body to implement the strategy:
A cross-sector coordination body will ensure the coordinated cross-sector implementation of the antibiotic resistance strategy.

Set up a consultative expert body on antibiotic resistance and antibiotic consumption:
A body will be set up to advise the Federal Council and the relevant federal offices on the implementation of the strategy.

Strengthen the involvement of learned societies, animal health services and other experts and stakeholders:
The role of existing learned societies, research groups, animal health services and expert groups will be strengthened and  supported. They will be involved in the production of guidelines and play a key part in the creation of networks and exchange of

Strengthen links with other countries with regard to strategic approaches and research:
Experience from other national strategies will be continuously assessed and taken on board. Bilateral, international and multinational
cooperation will be enhanced.

Set up and intensify support for developing countries:
Support for developing and emerging countries in the area of antibiotic resistance will be enhanced, or set up where it does not yet exist.

You can find information on the implementation of these measures here:

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