Field of activity General conditions

Regulatory and political environment

The general conditions will be checked and framed in such a way as to ensure that effective antibiotics continue to be available and that they will be used responsibly.

The correct general conditions must be put in place to ensure that antibiotics remain effective in future. Suitable measures, e.g. at the political and legislative level, are designed to support the development of new antibiotics and their proper use. An analysis will also be conducted as to which incentives within animal husbandry lead to improved animal health and decreased use of antibiotics.

The measures in this field of activity are as follows:

Identify and modify market mechanisms and incentive systems:
Key points where incentive systems help avoid the use of antibiotics or support responsible use of antibiotics will be identified.

Improve the general conditions for public health studies on antibiotic resistance:
Better general conditions will be created for research affecting the health of the entire population.

Improve the availability of first-choice antibiotics and encourage the development of new antibiotics:
Efforts will be made to improve the availability of first-choice antibiotics on the Swiss market. This includes assessment of licensing conditions.

Strengthen consistent and harmonised enforcement:
More effective enforcement instruments will be created. Inspections, assessments of deviations and enforcement measures will be harmonised.

Assess the introduction of targeted programmes for appropriate use of antibiotics:
Consideration will be given to whether comprehensive programmes can be established in hospitals, veterinary clinics, care facilities and veterinary and medical practices to promote the appropriate prescribing, dispensing and use of antibiotics.

You can find information on the implementation of these measures here:

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