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A good and comprehensive set of data creates the foundation which allows measures to be implemented in a targeted manner.

The resistance situation as well as antibiotic consumption must be systematically monitored in all areas. This is the only way to identify the links between consumption, type of antibiotic and resistance development, and to measure the strategy's success.

The measures in this field of activity are as follows:

Develop and operate a comprehensive monitoring system:
The system for monitoring antibiotic resistance and antibiotic consumption will be designed on a cross-sector and interdisciplinary basis. Any existing gaps in monitoring activities will be closed.

Develop and expand the network of reference laboratories for investigating antibiotic resistance and ensure quality assurance in all laboratories:
A network will be established on the basis of the existing designated reference laboratories, in order to ensure the coordination and
standardisation of laboratory investigations into antibiotic resistance.

Draw up and implement national guidelines on the standardised and targeted investigation of antibiotic resistance:
National guidelines for the attention of the laboratories show which pathogens have to be tested for which type of resistance. These will be updated regularly and applied consistently.

You can find information on the implementation of these measures here:

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