The cooperation between the different areas is extremely important to ensure each area's integrity.  

Antibiotic resistance affects human medicine as well as veterinary medicine, agriculture as well as the environment, because human health, animal health and environmental health are all closely linked. Only an interlinked, cross-sector process in accordance with the One-Health Approach therefore has a chance of succeeding.

The Swiss Antibiotic Resistance Strategy (StAR) was therefore created in close cooperation between the Federal Office of Public Health, the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office, the Federal Office for Agriculture, the Federal Office for the Environment, and the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Public Health. Other immediately affected stakeholders were also involved, in particular universities (of applied science), learned societies and expert groups, representatives of various sectors, associations and other key individuals. This broad network is also of major importance for the implementation of StAR.

Last modification 29.09.2023

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Strategy on Antibiotic Resistance
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